After a rather long hiatus, I hope to once again begin regular updates of the SimSingularity Blog. I had a great summer with vacations to California and spending time with good friends–and then paid dearly with a very busy clinical schedule.  Now it’s back to regular writing and bringing interesting stories to your attention.

Our group in the Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center have been busy completing research studies, developing new protocols, and presenting our work at various meetings. We will be presenting several sessions at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare including a debate on whether our simulators should be allowed to die and a session on our pioneering work in the use of simulation to enhance the safety and quality of clinical trials. We will also unveil our data comparing learning in high-fidelity simulation to that in virtual environments. We think our findings are quite provocative.

As I move forward with this blog, I will continue to bring interesting stories to your attention, but also plan to infuse it with more personal commentary. I hope you, the reader, will join in regularly in the conversation.

If you find something interesting that you’d like me to post please send it to my attention (? ).

Thanks for your patience and I look forward to interacting with you closely in the future.



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