I was scanning some of my usual sources for information on serious games. I came across this announcement I missed earlier this month….

Developer Red Redemption announced that Fate of the World, a strategy game that tackles global warming and modern environmental issues, will launch next year for PC platforms.

Fate of the World puts players in charge of protecting the Earth’s resources and dealing with emerging environmental issues over the course of 200 simulated years.

Players must address modern problems like the growing global population, climate change, and shortages of food and living space. The game includes multiple scenarios that address specific global concerns.

Fate of the World is currently in beta, with a full version set to launch for PC and Mac platforms in February of 2011.”

(Via Serious Games Source: ‘Global Warming Game Fate of the World to Launch Next Year’.)

This looks like an interesting game to LEARN about how issues effect our environment. But does not address whether people APPLY their new-found knowledge to change our world.

These types of games would be so much more powerful (and probably successful), if the designers figured out how to tie learning objectives to real world outcomes. Then again, given some of the games “gruesome” options mentioned in the NY Times article, maybe that’s not such a good idea.


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