If you’ve followed my blog, you know of my fascination with DARPA–the futuristic research arm of the US Military. Many of the technologies developed for the military eventually find their way in to civilian life (e.g. the internet and global positioning devices). Many projects seem much more like science fiction than reality.

For instance, in late December, DARPA unveiled the Soldier CENtric Imaging via Computational Camera effort (aka SCENICC). This voice-controlled,  helmet-based imaging system will include a zoomable, 3D, kilometer-wide spherical view of the area surrounding the soldier and will augment reality to help target weapons as well as keep track of both friendly and hostile troops.

I would imagine a great deal of human factors engineering will into the user interface for these units. A soldier can ill-afford to stop and interpret complex data streams while under fire.

To learn more about DARPA, take a look at Michael Belfiore’s book, The Department of Mad Scientistsblogged about in 2009.

(Via Pentagon Wants to Give Troops Terminator Vision | Danger Room | Wired.com.)


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