Nerdcore – The Healing Blade

Although I spend a great deal of time featuring digital-games based learning, I have an interest in anything that makes learning more enjoyable. Here is an example I read about over the weekend (although I haven’t played the game myself).

Infectious disease is a tough topic to tackle in medical school, with a large number of organisms and an even longer list of drug susceptibilities / resistances to memorize. Enter Healing Blade–an infectious disease mastery game developed by two physicians, Francis Kong and Arun Mathews, the founders of Nerdcore Learning.

In this card-based game, each player chooses a side (either as Apothocary or Lord of Pestilence) and then attempts to conquer their opponent applying their knowledge of “bugs and drugs.”

The concept is quite interesting–definitely a novel way to learn about this important healthcare topic.

(Via Game Based Learning Isn’t Always Electronic | Upside Learning Blog.)


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