What would January be without a list of predictions for the upcoming year. TechCrunch‘s Erick Schonfield came up with Seven Technologies that will Rock 2011.

  1. Web video on your TV (GoogleTV, Roku, Boxee Box)
  2. Quora (an impressive question and answer site that layers on top of your social network)
  3. Mobile social photo apps (e.g. Instagram, PicPlz, Path)
  4. Mobile wallets (to use your smartphone as a credit card)
  5. Context-aware apps (helping to cut through the ever increasing amount of information)
  6. Open-places databases (a single place-aware database that could be shared by the Foursquares, Facebooks, and Googles of the world)
  7. The streaming Cloud (some of us are keeping close to a terabyte of media on our computers and external hard drives–think how great something like Netflix would be for all your media)

Do you agree with this list? Anything you would add or take off?  I think I’ll go post a question to Quora.

(via TechCrunch Seven Technologies That Will Rock 2011)


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