The vast majority of communication is nonverbal –  derived from both body position and facial expression. Anyone that plays (or builds) video games realizes that in-game non-verbal communication leaves much to be desired.

Well, It appears the race for in game realistic non-verbal communication is heating up. My friend, Rachel Brady, sent me a story demonstrating a method of motion capture that results in uncanny facial expressions for avatars–the technique is being used to produce the game L.A. Noire–a Rockstar game slated for release in August.

In other news, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer announced Avatar Kinect (see video here), AK lets 30 million Xbox Live members share their facial expressions –smiles, laughs, and raised eyebrows—raising online communication to the next level. It’s only a matter of time before the Kinect is used to deliver facial expressions inside of games.

To get an idea of the scan resolution of the Kinect, see my previous post, Dancing with Invisible Light – a set on Flickr.


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