There was an interesting blog entry in the New York Times this morning concerning the Microsoft Kinect. Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer, touted the Kinect as the beginning of a revolution in human – computer interaction. Mundie believes the Kinect will ultimately replace today’s computer Graphical User Interfaces (or GUI).

This proclamation was part of a daylong series of talks and presentations showing off Microsoft’s innovations.

The Kinect has been a resounding success, selling 8 million units in its first 60 days on the market. Microsoft believes most new XBox purchases will include a Kinect.

Immediately following the release of Kinect, enthusiasts began posting videos of their “hacks.” Microsoft, based on the creativity and enthusiasm behind those early mods of the Kinect, now make an official developers kit for Kinect.

Those  of you that follow this blog know how exciting I find this device–I have to agree with Mr. Mundie’s predictionsl. I see many potential uses including inexpensive 3-D modeling, emotive avatars in games and serious games, emotionally aware computers, and more.

Microsoft’s Kinect: The New Mouse? –


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