Before I go into the substance of my first blog post here at SimSingularity, I’d like to briefly introduce myself. I am a blood banker by trade, and was introduced to healthcare simulation in 2011 as part of my interest in training clinical teams managing obstetric hemorrhage. A big tip o’ the hat to Jeff Taekman, who has been my Willy Wonka through the Chocolate Factory that is the Duke Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center. Thanks Jeff!

Being a newcomer to the world of simulation in healthcare, I attended the 12th annual International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare in San Diego last month. There was more amazing work presented at the meeting than I could possibly review here, but I wanted to share one particularly resourceful display at the 2nd Annual Serious Games Showcase. It was a laparoscopy suturing simulator made out of cardboard, an iPad, a couple laparoscopic forceps, a suture pad, and suture material. Genius.



The iPad screen set to camera effectively reproduced the challenge of 3D movement translated into 2D images. So simple, and the part of me which adores DIY projects around the house was giddy seeing how elegant, engaging, and inexpensive this device was. Kudos to Ali Bahsoun, the primary project developer and a medical student at King’s Health Partners in London, and his mentor Peter Jaye, Director of Simulation at King’s Health Partners. Questions regarding this project can be emailed to


3 Responses to IMSH 2012: DIY laparoscopic simulation

  1. Tom Browne says:

    Hi Ali,

    I spoke with you after your excellent presentation to the RSM. I was very keen that you also should get this message out to Surgeons in the developing World. Can you get in touch, I may have the wrong e-mail for you.

    Tom Browne
    Out To Africa

  2. ben says:

    Great. I have made myself one with a card board and two ‘ports’. I haven’t put an ipad on. What brings the light and image from inside the box to the screen. get to me so that I can improve on my device and experience.

  3. Ali Bahsoun says:

    Seeing this is amazing, I wanted to thank you for posting this up. Your words are very kind.

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